Using a Flux Coated Rod

Flux coated silver brazing rods require a operators to adopt a different brazing technique to brazing with a rod and a separate flux.

  1. First warm the components being brazed.
  2. Next transfer some flux to the joint opening from the end of the rod.
  3. To do this use the heat from the warmed component to melt it of the end of the flux coated rod.
  4. Withdraw the rod and heat the components evenly until the flux becomes clear and watery.
  5. Take care not to heat the flux directly with the flame before it has become molten.
  6. Apply the alloy to the joint opening. If it melts feed the alloy into the joint.
  7. Use the flame to draw the brazing alloy through the joint - it ewill flow towards the hottest part of the joint.
  8. If the braze alloy does not melt withdraw the rod and apply more heat
  9. After the joint is complete, cool slowly and then remove flux residues from the joint.

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