Furnace Brazing Accessories

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Product Uses and Applications

VBC Group are able to supply accessories to assist customers with furnace brazing operations. Here are some of the products we supply:

  • Binders and gels for mixing pastes
  • Fiberfrax thermal insulating paper to separate parts in a furnace
  • Thermocouples for measuring the furnace temperature.
  • We also offer a refining service for Rh/Pt thermocouples.


Please feel free to ask us any questions about your Company's furnace brazing requirements.

Key ProductsRecommended UseProduct Info
Paste Binder Gels and Cements
Pink Binder GelA leading brand of binder gel used to mix up small batches of braze paste for furnace brazing operations.View product info

Pink Binder Gel

Pink binder gel is a water based gel that can be used to mix up nickel braze pastes for furnace brazing operations. Typically the resulting pastes would consist of between 87.5% and 92.5% filler metal depending on the particle size and distribution of the braze filler metal powder and the required viscosity of the paste.×

Furnace Accessories
Fibrefax™ PaperSupplied in RollsView product info

Fibrefax™ Paper

Fiberfrax® Ceramic Fibre Papers consist of an alumino-silicate fibre in a non-woven matrix with a latex binder system forming lightweight, flexible sheets. VBC Group supplies a premium grade of this product which is suitable for furnace brazing where organic outgassing cannot be tolerated or when thermal performance is critical.

The product can withstand temperatures up to 1260°C. It is used to separate parts in a furnace preventing them from brazing to each other or to line the bottom of the furnace thus protecting the base from debris from the brazing process.×

Type R, Type S and Type K thermocouplesMetal sheathed / clad thermocouples manufactured to customer specifications-

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