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Product Uses and Applications

Brazing fluxes are widely used in mainstream brazing applications. Additionally there are a number of niche applications which require a special flux or non-standard flux form in order to protect components from oxidising during heating. This section details some of the niche products that VBC Group is able to supply on a special order basis. These include:

  • Liquid fluxes for brazing small components
  • AWS conforming brazing fluxes
  • AMS 3411 and AMS 3410 conforming flux


Please contact us if you require a flux with special characteristics.


Key ProductsWorking Range °CEN1045Product InfoKey Points
Meta-Braze LT 21 Liquid Flux550-750FH10View product info

Meta-Braze LT 21 Liquid Flux

Meta-Braze LT 21 Liquid Flux is a dilute liquid flux suitable for silver brazing in flame or induction heating processes. Meta-Braze LT 21 Liquid Flux would typically be used for brazing of small or light components where a limited heating time is required. It may also be used to pre-flux where the use of a thick flux paste is undesirable and where additional flux may be added during the brazing process. It is suitable for use on copper and copper alloys (brass, bronze etc.), steel (mild, carbon and stainless steel) and precious metals.×

A dilute liquid flux for small components
Meta-Braze BM 51 Flux Paste590-950-View product info

Meta-Braze BM 51 Flux Paste

Meta-Braze BM 51 Flux Paste is intended for use with silver brazing alloys in flame or induction heating processes. This flux is typically used for brazing high chromium stainless steels, tungsten carbide, copper and molybdenum-based alloys. The addition of elemental boron increases the temperature range and operational life span of the flux allowing it be used for assemblies which require extended heating during brazing.×

Conforms to AMS 3411 & AWS Brazing Flux FB3-C OF-499D, Type B
Meta-Braze LT 51 Flux Paste590-850-View product info

Meta-Braze LT 51 Flux Paste

Meta-Braze LT 51 Flux Paste is a general low temperature brazing flux used for brazing a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous parent materials. It is recommended for use with flame and induction heating methods. Flux residues should be removed by soaking in warm water (30mins / 60°C) and then by brushing off remaining residue.×

Conforms to AMS 3410 & AWS Brazing Flux FB3-A O-F-499D, Type B

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