Nickel Based Brazing Alloys

New Nickel Products

We can supply nickel brazes in novel new forms such as flexible rope and solid wire.

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Nickel Based Brazing Alloys

Product Uses and Applications

Nickel brazing products are used extensively in aerospace, automotive and nuclear industries. In these applications they would typically be used to join stainless steel and high temperature superalloys. VBC Group manufactures aerospace grade nickel braze paste and stocks many grades of nickel braze powder for these industries. In addition, VBC Group can supply nickel braze foil and preformed shapes.

Key ProductsNiCrFeBSiPCWMelting Range °CAMSAWS A5.8ISO 17672:2016Key Points
Meta-Braze 4775Bal144.53.14.5-0.7-980-10604775BNi-1Ni 600
Meta-Braze 4776Bal134.52.74.5---950-1127---
Meta-Braze 4776MBal144.53.14.5---980-10704776BNi-1aNi 610
Meta-Braze 4777Bal73.03.14.5---970-10004777BNi-2Ni 620
Meta-Braze 4778Bal- 630
Meta-Braze 4779Bal- 631
Meta-Braze 4782Bal19--10.1---1080-11354782BNi-5Ni 650
Meta-Braze 4310Bal----11--875-BNi-6Ni 700
Meta-Braze 4770Bal14---10.1--890-BNi-7Ni 710
Meta-Braze 4795Bal15-3.5--<0.06-1055-BNi-9Ni 612
Meta-Braze 4720Bal11. 670
Meta-Braze BNi-11Bal103.52.53.5-0.412970-1095-BNi-11Ni 671
Meta-Braze BNi-12Bal25---100.03-880-950-BNi-12Ni 720
Meta-Braze BNi-14Bal22--6.54.5--943-1071-BNi-14Ni 655
Meta-Braze BNi-15Bal30--46--985-1010-BNi-15-
Meta-Braze BNi-16Bal29--6.56--990-1105-BNi-16-
Meta-Braze BCo-11719-0.88-0.441108-1150-BCo-1-

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