Copper Brazing Alloys for Tungsten Carbide

Carbide Brazing?

These special copper based brazing alloys have been formulated to provide superior bond strength on tungsten carbide tools, wear parts and drill bits.

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Product Uses and Applications

High temperature copper based brazing alloys can provide an economic alternative to silver brazing filler materials. The alloys contain nickel and / or manganese and show improved wetting on tungsten carbide. When brazing certain grades of steel, using these brazing alloys may enable a simultaneous heat treatment step to take place. If brazing in air it is necessary to use a Meta-Braze brazing flux that is suitable for use at high temperatures.

Key ProductsCuZnNiMnSnCoSiMelting Range °CISO 17672:2016Product Info
Meta-Braze Cu 0585838-2-2-890-930-View product info

Meta-Braze Cu 058

Meta-Braze Cu 058 is a widely used copper based brazing filler metal. Containing manganese and cobalt, it forms strong bonds with tungsten carbide making it attractive for mining tools and wear parts.×

Meta-Braze Cu 05252.5-9.538---880-920-View product info

Meta-Braze Cu 052

Meta-Braze Cu 052 is a tough copper-nickel-manganese alloy used for tools subject to high percussive impact loads such as road planing tools.×

Meta-Braze Cu 06767.5-923.5---925-955-View product info

Meta-Braze Cu 067

Meta-Braze Cu 067 is a highly specialised brazing alloy. It is a tough alloy which has been used to manufacture of drill bits for mining and tools for construction work.


Meta-Braze Cu 08786.85-2.1511---965-995-View product info

Meta-Braze Cu 087

Meta-Braze Cu 087 is a special copper based brazing alloy. It contains manganese and nickel which have been shown to improve wetting of the filler metal on tungsten carbide. This alloy is has been used to manufacture professional grade masonry drills and associated tools for construction work. It can be brazed in a reducing atmosphere provided the dew point is better than -40°C.

Product Forms

  • strip
  • wire
  • rings
  • powder
  • braze-paste
  • foil
  • preform

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