About Brazing Pastes

  • Storage and Shelf Life of Brazing Paste

      1. VBC’s nickel brazing pastes have a nominal 6-month shelf life and strict stock rotation should be exercised.
      2. The binder system and the filler metal powder can separate and the paste may dry out during storage. Separation or drying out of a paste is more likely if the product is not stored correctly.
      3. Pastes supplied in machine cartridges or hand syringes should be stored standing up in racks with the ‘follower plug’ upper most and the nozzle facing down. Storing cartridges / syringes on their side can result in separation of the paste.
      4. Braze pastes should not be stored below 5˚C or above 25˚C. The ideal storage temperature for pastes is between 10 and 15˚C. Storing at temperatures below 5˚C can result in damaging the products irreparably.
      5. Brazing pastes are intended for use at ambient room temperature (18- 24˚C). Below 15˚C the paste viscosity will increase, making dispensing more difficult, above 25˚C the paste may separate and will dry out more quickly.
      6. Ideally pastes should be withdrawn from the storage area some time before use and placed in the production area to allow them to reach normal working temperature. Paste should be ideally stored in cool dry conditions away from direct sunlight and other sources of heat.

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