Meta-Braze 281

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Product Uses and Applications

Meta-Braze 281 is self fluxing on copper to copper joints and offers an excellent combination of ductility, flow and cost. It has medium flow characteristics making it suitable for refrigeration installations and for the wider gaps found in HVACR pipework. It is a comparatively ductile alloy meaning that joints can be maniulated post brazing and can withstand a degree of vibration in service. With 5% silver content Meta-Braze 281 provides an affordable solution for manufacturers of heat exchangers and installers of larger refrigerated pipework systems. Meta-Braze 281 can be used in service conditions down to -50°C.

Key ProductsAgCuPOtherMelting Range °CEN1044:1999ISO 17672:2016Product Info
Meta-Braze 2815896-645-815CP104CuP 281View product info

Meta-Braze 281

Meta-Braze 281 provides a good balance between the considerations of the cost, ductility and the flow of the brazing alloy. It is very commonly specified in refrigerated pipework applications, particularly in supermarket installations and is suitable for brazing K65 copper tube for carbon dioxide refrigerated systems.

It is now possible to provide a modified version of this alloy in foil form.

Standard Forms

  • rods
  • wire
  • strip
  • rings
  • braze-paste

Special Forms

  • foil



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