Meta-Braze 449

Product Uses and Applications

Meta-braze449 is an excellent alloy for brazing tungsten carbides, especially those which are difficult to wet due to their composition. It has high strength and the addition of nickel and manganese facilitates good flow on tungsten carbide and refractory materials. Meta-braze449 is a fairly sluggish flowing alloy which means that it will form thicker joint gaps than a more free-flowing alloy. This characteristic is useful in helping to accommodate stresses which can arise during brazing due to the differences in thermal expansion of steel and tungsten carbide. Typical applications include brazing tungsten carbide segments to steel for cutting tools, wear parts, mining and drill bits.

Key ProductsAgCuZnNiMnInMelting Range °CAMSAWS A5.8EN1044:1999ISO 17672:2016Product Info
Meta-Braze 4494916234.57.5-680-705-BAg-22AG502Ag 449View product info

Meta-Braze 449

Meta-Braze449 is very widely used for brazing of tungsten carbide and PCD segments in applications such as cutting tools, wear parts and drill bits. It contains both nickel and manganese which have been shown to improve wetting of the brazing alloy especially on the more difficult to braze grades of tungsten carbide.

Meta-Braze449 is particularly suitable for small-medium sized carbide segments (<20mm). In these applications it provides a slightly thicker joint than more free-flowing alloys such as Meta-Braze155. This factor can help with absorbing stresses arising from the different expansion and contraction rates of the parent materials during the brazing process. 

Product Forms

  • rods
  • wire
  • powder
  • foil
  • strip
  • rings
  • braze-paste



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