Meta-Braze BM 41 Flux Paste

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Meta-Braze_tm BM 41 Flux Paste

Product Uses and Applications

Meta-Braze BM 41 Flux Paste is a special purpose silver brazing flux paste for use with silver brazing alloys in flame or induction heating processes. It is principally intended for use on tungsten carbide and PCD where it has been shown to improve wetting of the brazing alloy. Meta-Braze BM 41 Flux Paste is also suitable for steel (mild, carbon and heat resistant stainless steel).

Meta-Braze BM 41 Flux Paste residues should be removed by soaking in warm water (30mins / 60°C) and then by brushing off remaining residue.

Key ProductsWorking Range °CEN1045Product InfoKey Points
Meta-Braze BM 41 Flux Paste550-800FH12View product info

Meta-Braze BM 41 Flux Paste

Meta-Braze BM 41 Flux Paste is a specialised brown ‘boron modified’ flux which aids wetting and bonding on grades of tungsten carbide that are difficult to wet. Flux residues can be removed by soaking and washing in hot water (~60°C for 30mins).


A boron-modified flux paste for tungsten carbide and PCD

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