The Fundamentals of Vacuum Furnace Brazing Seminar


Unfortunately we had to postpone our planned seminar on the fundamentals of vacuum brazing due to the global Covid-19 pandemic. However as soon as it is safe to hold this seminar we hope to do it.

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The Seminar Programme

Brazing Fundamentals

We will cover the basic principles of brazing, how braze alloys flow and wet, and why alloys and base materials behave the way they do. Fundamentals are an integral learning process and we'll guide you through


Terms like eutectic, phase diagrams, solidus, and liquidus will be explained. You will understand the roles various elements play in the braze alloy and how they interact with the materials being joined

Braze Alloys

There are hundreds of different braze alloys and many different forms of each. We will cover the main categories and look into some in more detail. Selection of the most suitable braze alloy and form of alloy for any given application will be considered

Brazing Parameters

The course will be primarily focused on vacuum brazing but will also look at torch and induction brazing in some detail. Temperature, time and atmosphere are the primary parameters and each of these factors influences the behaviour of the braze alloy and performance of the resulting joint

Design of Joints

An often overlooked but crucial aspect of brazing. The various types of joints will be explained, what works and what doesn’t and why. We’ll be looking at specific examples, focusing on the common problem areas of joint gap and coefficients of thermal expansion

Best Practices

Surface finish, surface preparation, cleanliness and handling are all factors that can make the difference between success and failure of an application. These will be covered so that you can implement them in your own facility

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